In The Netherlands, the law practice of WVT is conducted by WvT Netherlands B.V., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands, with its registered office in Amsterdam and place of business at Prins Mauritslaan 5, 1171 LP Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands.

Registration with Chamber of Commerce
WVT is registered with the commercial register of The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under number 34145597. The trade name of WvT Netherlands B.V. is WVT.

VAT number
The VAT number of WVT is NL 80935272B01.

Professional organisation registration
Attorneys (advocaten) of WvT Netherlands B.V. are members of and registered with The Netherlands Bar Association (NOVA), Neuhuyskade 94, 2596 XM The Hague, P.O. Box 30851, 2500 GW The Hague.

General terms and conditions
The general terms and conditions of WVT apply to all work executed by WVT. The general terms and conditions of WVT are filed with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce.

Governing law and court of competent jurisdiction
All agreements between clients and WVT as well as all contractual and other obligations ensuing from the agreements between clients and WVT and work executed by WVT, are governed by, and must be interpreted in accordance with, Dutch law. All disputes with regard to the aforesaid agreements or work will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Amsterdam District Court. The Complaints and Dispute Settlement Scheme for the Legal Profession applies to the provision of services by the attorneys of WVT.

The fees charged by WVT to clients are based on the hourly rate of the attorney or tax adviser involved multiplied by the number of hours spent by the attorney or tax adviser involved. The hourly rate varies for each attorney or tax adviser and is based on the experience and specialization of the attorney or tax adviser involved. In addition to the costs of the fees, WVT also charges additional costs, such as office costs, court fees, disbursements, costs of engaged third parties, turnover tax etc. A detailed cost estimate for the agreed work is always included in the overview of services in the agreement for services.

Professional liability insurance
WVT has professional liability insurance. WVT is adequately insured having regard to the extent of its practice and the requirements set out by the Legal Profession Regulation for professional liability insurance.

Legal Practice Complaints Procedure
The legal practice of WVT has a Legal Practice Complaints Procedure for Attorneys in accordance with the Legal Profession Regulation. WVT declares that the Legal Practice Complaints Procedure for Attorneys is applicable to each agreement for services entered into with a client, and furthermore that the Legal Practice Complaints Procedure for Attorneys exclusively concerns the work that is executed by an attorney or attorneys of WVT.

Rules of professional conduct and practice
WVT provides its services and executes its legal work in accordance with the applicable (professional) regulations and that which is required from WVT pursuant to the law. In this context, professional rules are taken to mean the rules of professional conduct and practice, which must be observed during the execution of the assignment by WVT, such as the rules and regulations of The Netherlands Bar Association.

Third Party Funds Foundation
WVT does not have a so-called third party funds foundation (stichting beheer derdengelden), as a result WVT does not accept funds of third parties.

Cooperation and prevention of conflicts of interests
WVT is a group of limited liability companies, in which attorneys and tax advisers offer and execute the provision of legal services in a limited liability company, provide advice and conduct legal proceedings before various judicial authorities. WVT operates on a international and national level, with local offices in The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

Agreement for services
As soon as an agreement for services comes into effect between WVT and a client, this will be confirmed in writing and formalised in an agreement for services. Included is a description of the scope of the legal work, the rates, the fee, the other costs that will be charged for the work, which attorneys and tax advisers will be executing the work, as well as any additional arrangements. The general terms and conditions, which form part of the agreement for services, will be attached as an appendix to the agreement for services.